Fortress Capital partners with AFX

Fortress Capital is an Introducing Broker and Commodity Trading Advisor registered with the CFTC and NFA Member.   “We’re seeing a huge demand for Forex since the Brexit.” says Joseph Gelet, Series 3.  “We’re also pitching our own strategies to investors, to offset FX risk.. when the stock market crashed last week our strategies gained […]

Brexit To Ripple Through Markets For Weeks

Summary Brexit was a surprise high impact, low probability event. Although stock markets got crushed, Brexit had an easy hedge. Brexit signals a new epoch of markets, with new currencies, new rules. Other countries can follow Britain, splintering the EU into pieces. Britain will leave the European Union. The European Union (EU) – a noble […]

Restoring trust in global FX markets

To enjoy the benefits of transparent price discovery and firm liquidity, customers must meet the costs of the service provided. Fair execution must come at a fair price, and transparency cannot come at the cost of destroying liquidity provision. Over the past 10 years, much has changed in favour of the customer: market access has […]

Brexit An Increasing Likelihood Increasing Market Volatility

Summary Rumors spread that polls are inaccurate. A growing number of people believe that brexit is possible and now even likely. The effects of brexit will happen quickly and strongly. Brexit event will destroy Great British Pound and related assets. In only a few short weeks the real chances of a “Brexit” are growing by […]

“An Unusual Number Of Known Unknowns” – These Are The Key Event Risks In June

One of the recurring concerns voiced by Bank of America’s Michael Hartnett is that with May now in the rearview mirror, we are entering “the event risk month” of June (incidentally,over the weekend, the credit strategist presented several ideas how to trade said event risk, either bullish or bearish). Now it is UBS’ turn to […]

Brexit Will Take Down Euro Along With GBP

Summary The Brexit would change the dynamic of the EU. Brexit is bad for the EU, not just the GBP. A Brexit will impact all who deal with the pound. Volatility peaking June 23 is guaranteed for GBP-related assets. For Americans, a referendum is a vote whereby voters determine a political decision. America is largely […]

Ruble makes historic recovery

Traders should be able to admit, when they’re wrong.  As we explain in great detail in Splitting Pennies – there’s nothing worse than a trader who takes great effort to explain reasons why he was wrong or why it wasn’t in fact his fault, it was the market!  (or some such nonsense).  Such severe psychological […]

Another Way To Play The U.S. Dollar’s Downturn – Sberbank

Summary Currencies trade in pairs – if something goes up, something else is going down. There are many derivative plays offered by forex, which can be realized in the stock market. Buying and selling foreign companies is one way to play the US dollar. Many foreign companies are traded on US exchanges via ADRs. Sberbank […]

How To Play The Demise Of The U.S. Dollar

Summary Every month information surfaces that scares investors about the status of the US Dollar. There is a fear that there can be a run on the US Dollar, causing it to decline rapidly. This contagion could spread to other US markets, causing a panic. Although this is an unlikely scenario, global pressure can drive […]

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