Forex VPS by Fortress Capital

Do you trade Forex and need a dedicated Server for your trading?   Fortress Capital now offers VPS through our partner providers.  Checkout our VPS page to learn more by clicking here. Don’t know what Forex is?   Checkout this one page PDF – what is Forex, by Fortress Capital

Our new trade execution engine: OANDA v20

Fortress Capital is the Introducing Broker to Oanda.  If you don’t already have one, click here to open an account with Oanda with only $1   (We suggest, funding with $1,000 – $5,000 minimum). Dear Trader, We understand that speed of execution is important to you. That’s why we’ve been working hard to launch our new […]

Warning to investors – Do Not Invest In Currencies

We see from time to time articles from investment groups talking about how they believe that the US Dollar will be strong for the next 18 months blah blah blah.  It’s always positive to hear investment managers learning about FX.  Unfortunately, as we explain in Splitting Pennies – FX isn’t like other markets.  Investing in […]

Half of Corporate America losing BILLIONS in Forex for no reason

Here’s the big irony for the markets.  As we explain in Splitting Pennies book, Forex is the largest market in the world and the least understood.  Corporate America certainly doesn’t understand Forex.  Well, according to this report, about 50% do:  Forty-eight percent of nonfinancial companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges remained exposed to volatility in […]

One World Currency introduced by The Cartel – Settlement Coin

Well, it finally happened.  Mark your calendars for the year 2016 as ‘the year’ a real One World Currency has been announced.  But don’t worry – as we explain in Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex – MONEY DOESN’T EXIST. How is it possible, you say – when we haven’t heard about it in the news?  Let’s start with […]

Free Forex Book – Million Dollar offer

Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex is a book that explains the inner workings of the Forex market – it’s the largest market in the world and the least understood.  The book is $6.11 on Kindle and $14.99 in paperback.  You can buy it here at or get it FREE from Fortress Capital by Opening […]

What If Brexit Doesn’t Happen?

Summary There’s an unlikely, but possible scenario in Britain, where politicians would not enact article 50. If Britain doesn’t Brexit – what would happen? A GBP reversal? Confusion exists about where politicians stand on this issue. Something not talked about in the mainstream financial news – the nuances of Brexit. The markets seem to think […]

Fortress Capital top 5 on Seeking Alpha

Fortress Capital is a contributor for Seeking Alpha.  Fortress Capital provides Forex analysis on Seeking Alpha free – click here to see our profile and recent articles. Currently, Fortress Capital is ranked #4 in the category “Forex” – You can check it out by clicking here. We just want to say ‘Thank you’ to our loyal […]

Singapore Dollar And Other Emerging Markets Currencies May Have A Boost Post Brexit

Summary While the world has been watching EUR, GBP, USD, and other majors, exotics remain in the periphery. Emerging market currencies like Singapore Dollar SGD may benefit post Brexit. Singapore is an interesting post Brexit Currency example because Singapore was part of Britain. Singapore Dollar is offered as an ETF FXSG. While the world watches […]

How Far Down Can Go The Great British Pound

Summary GBP has sold off more after Brexit vote, and rumors it will go further. Will GBP continue to slide, or is this a buying opportunity? GBP can probably sell off a little more – but not below 1.25. GBP should retrace, as all currencies usually do after a downturn. A GBP recovery should be […]

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