Magic FX Strategy

Magic FX Strategy is an Algorithmic Currency Investment strategy based on the Fibonacci number or ‘magic’ number – 1.618 as seen in nature, the markets, and science. Using a simple logic for trade entry and risk management, the variables that define position size, entry and exit timing, and other factors; are optimized in real time via supercomputer array. The constant process of optimization means that the strategy is continually in tune with current market conditions. This process also involves the pair selection; the most profitable pairs are traded in basket trading style. While there has never been a realized loss on this strategy, it can have a floating loss as the basket manages volatility. During Jan 2015 the SNB revalued the Swiss Franc and the strategy ended the month positively. In such extreme case, an equity stop is used, although we believe this to be realized is extremely unlikely. Due to the size of the FX market and this style of strategy (low frequency) there is no theoretical maximum or liquidity limitations to this strategy. US ECP Only $.1 Million Min. / Non-US $20,000 Minimum, ATC Brokers UK (FCA FRN 591361).

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