Fortress Capital Forex Incubator Program

It’s real simple!  Do you have a trading strategy that you believe is consistent, with low draw downs, and can withstand the test of time?  Do you need trading capital for the system, or want to become a professional money manager?  Or, you just want to sell your system in a lease type situation such that you are paid for its use?  Fortress Capital is interested in your trading system.  The steps are simple – open an account with Fortress Capital as the Introducing Broker.  You can see some account opening links here at

Contact us, and we’ll watch your account grow.  Fortress will send you some documents to fill out, and we’ll send regular reports of your system out to our investor networks.  Depending on how you want to be compensated, we’ll take the appropriate actions.  We’ll do all the compliance, marketing, brokerage – you do the trading.

In most cases, you can be paid up to 10% of the profits of the strategy.*  On accounts greater than $1 Million this can be a substantial amount of money.  For example, if your strategy is trading $10 Million and in one month makes a 5% return, the total fee paid to you would be $50,000.  *Up to 10% means it can be less, or greater – it depends on the circumstances, on the returns of the system, and the clearing broker.  Rest assured that traders with successful systems are compensated accordingly, as it behooves investors to incentivize  them to continue to produce good results.

We ask that traders who want to participate in this program invest a minimum of $10,000 in the tracking account.  Demo results, backtesting, or other hypothetical results are good tools for system development but WILL NOT BE SHOWN TO INVESTORS as they are immaterial to investors who have real money (and not hypothetical money).

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