M3 HFT Strategy

M3 HFT Strategy is available as a managed account to QEP/ECP investors, including non-US citizens, and US ECPs (Pension Funds, Hedge Funds, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Banks, Insurance Companies, and others.)

Strategy Description: The fully automated trading system uses artificial intelligence to manage capital in up to 7 major currency pairs. The system assesses market conditions and engages one or more trading strategies.There are dozens of trading strategies the system may choose from. It runs 24 hours/day and 5.5 days per week. It trades through news but has a very effective volatility filter that stops trading under excessive volatility spikes. The strategy trades about 100 times per day.

For more information about M3 FX including performance information please contact us by calling 302-724-4799 or by filling out this open account form here with Fortress Capital.

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