What is Forex?  The Foreign Exchange of Currencies “Forex” market is where one currency is traded for another, i.e. Euros for Swiss Francs, New Zealand Dollars for Australian Dollars. Based on the current global regime, currency rates fluctuate based on market demand, thus providing an opportunity to speculate on rate changes. Real demand, from corporates, banks, asset managers, sovereigns, and other institutions, have real money needs for FX – for international trade. Thus, opportunities exist in FX that don’t exist in other markets, such as stocks, bonds, or futures.  If you’ve never heard about Forex, we recommend first reading Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex.  Fortress Capital Analysis Team publishes FX analysis free on Seeking Alpha.

Self-Traded Accounts

Fortress Capital, Inc. is a registered Introducing Broker NFA ID: 0416496.  Fortress offers clients the ability to trade their own accounts.

For United States Citizens & Residents – Open an Account with Oanda with Fortress Capital

For Non-US Citizens & Residents – Open an account with LMAX in London 

Managed Accounts


Fortress Capital offers Forex Managed Accounts for QEP only.  Click here to learn what is a QEP

If you are interested to learn more about Fortress Managed Accounts, you can contact us.  If you’re ready to get started, we require all clients to first fill out this Fortress QEP Questionnaire.

Fortress Forex Analysis

Fortress Capital on Seeking Alpha

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