Fortress Capital Alternative Investment Strategies

Are you an institution, pension fund, non-US citizen, retirement program, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) or other ECP?  Are you unhappy with the current returns of your retirement program, investment portfolio?  Do you want to mitigate tail risks of being over allocated to stocks, or to particular sectors? Fortress Capital offers a plethora of investment options […]

Slow death of the hedge fund era

2016 was a bad year for hedge funds, pension funds, and university endowments.  In fact, the last several years have been horrible.  But until now, there haven’t been many alternatives.  Hedge Funds became popular for investors who wanted to achieve more than the 4% or 6% offered by traditional managed investments like mutual funds.  Although […]

Global Alpha updates last months returns and more brokers

Global Alpha is Fortress Capital’s flagship managed accounts program.  It’s a Forex Managed Account investment strategy, the fees are 2% management fee and 25% performance fee.  It’s possible to trade it at any broker offering the MT4 platform.  There’s a $25,000 account minimum – a new broker is subject to a higher minimum such as […]

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