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Trade Forex with a registered Introducing Broker Fortress Capital

Forex trading is really difficult.  That’s why you should partner with a registered firm, who is on your side.  Trade with an introducing broker and receive value added services from Fortress Capital.  We’re on your side. To learn more visit our Forex page @ Fortress Capital is a registered Commodity Futures Independent Introducing Broker […]


More options for Forex – Fortress partners with LCG

Fortress Capital has partnered up with London Capital Group to offer our esteemed non-US clients more options for Forex trading. Open an account with LCG – London Capital Group * Preferred For more options, checkout our Forex page @ 

Fortress Capital now offering self-traded Forex accounts with Gain

With the demise of FXCM, few choices are left in the US.  That’s why Fortress Capital has partnered with the strongest of the two choices: Gain Capital. Click here to open a self-traded Forex account with / Gain Capital There is a substantial high and unlimited level of risk of loss in trading commodity […]

Hitler’s New World Order alive in the markets – FX History Lesson 28

As explained in our groundbreaking best-seller Splitting Pennies – the world isn’t as it seems; in fact, the world is a lot simpler and less complex than perceived.  We’re victim of “Perception Deception” – as explained eloquently in David Icke’s book.  If we can for a moment, de-politicize, de-emotionalize, and ‘de’ all the programming, advertising, […]

Wall Street’s 0.01%: The Guru Who Only Talks to Hedge-Fund Elite

Jens Nordvig, one of the hottest prognosticators in finance, will sell anyone his secret sauce for winning trades for $30,000 a year. But if you want unfettered access to his best ideas and personal touch—the kind that the deep-pocketed hedge funds covet—be prepared to shell out about 20 times more. That two-pronged approach to research, […]

Forex VPS by Fortress Capital

Do you trade Forex and need a dedicated Server for your trading?   Fortress Capital now offers VPS through our partner providers.  Checkout our VPS page to learn more by clicking here. Don’t know what Forex is?   Checkout this one page PDF – what is Forex, by Fortress Capital

Our new trade execution engine: OANDA v20

Fortress Capital is the Introducing Broker to Oanda.  If you don’t already have one, click here to open an account with Oanda with only $1   (We suggest, funding with $1,000 – $5,000 minimum). Dear Trader, We understand that speed of execution is important to you. That’s why we’ve been working hard to launch our new […]

Half of Corporate America losing BILLIONS in Forex for no reason

Here’s the big irony for the markets.  As we explain in Splitting Pennies book, Forex is the largest market in the world and the least understood.  Corporate America certainly doesn’t understand Forex.  Well, according to this report, about 50% do:  Forty-eight percent of nonfinancial companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges remained exposed to volatility in […]

One World Currency introduced by The Cartel – Settlement Coin

Well, it finally happened.  Mark your calendars for the year 2016 as ‘the year’ a real One World Currency has been announced.  But don’t worry – as we explain in Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex – MONEY DOESN’T EXIST. How is it possible, you say – when we haven’t heard about it in the news?  Let’s start with […]

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