Global Alpha updates last months returns and more brokers

Global Alpha is Fortress Capital’s flagship managed accounts program.  It’s a Forex Managed Account investment strategy, the fees are 2% management fee and 25% performance fee.  It’s possible to trade it at any broker offering the MT4 platform.  There’s a $25,000 account minimum – a new broker is subject to a higher minimum such as […]

Algorithmic Trading is the Investment of the Future

Let’s face it – investing is difficult!  Gone are the days of saving for retirement.  The average savings account in the USA pays less than 1%.  Fortunately for most investors the stock market has been going up and up, but it’s going to correct (it always does).  But it hasn’t been a good ride for […]

More about Magic FX

Magic FX Strategy is offered as  a Forex Managed Account – pay only for performance – no commissions, no management fee.  If your account isn’t positive, we don’t get paid! Learn more about Magic FX by clicking here, or go ahead and open an account (US ECP only) 

Wall Street’s 0.01%: The Guru Who Only Talks to Hedge-Fund Elite

Jens Nordvig, one of the hottest prognosticators in finance, will sell anyone his secret sauce for winning trades for $30,000 a year. But if you want unfettered access to his best ideas and personal touch—the kind that the deep-pocketed hedge funds covet—be prepared to shell out about 20 times more. That two-pronged approach to research, […]

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