Free Forex Book – OFFER

Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex is a book that explains the inner workings of the Forex market – it’s the largest market in the world and the least understood.  The book is $6.11 on KindleSplitting Pennies Stacked and $14.99 in paperback.  You can buy it here at or get it FREE from Fortress Capital by Opening a Forex Account!

Fortress Capital has an exclusive offer – Open an account with Oanda and trade 1,000,000 units and get Splitting Pennies in hard print (paperback edition) FREE!

To get your free copy, first OPEN AN ACCOUNT AT OANDA.  Make a deposit (there’s no minimum) and start trading!  Once you’ve traded 1,000,000 units we’ll contact you with shipping information or you can register with Fortress Capital here.


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