Brexit An Increasing Likelihood Increasing Market Volatility


  • Rumors spread that polls are inaccurate.
  • A growing number of people believe that brexit is possible and now even likely.
  • The effects of brexit will happen quickly and strongly.
  • Brexit event will destroy Great British Pound and related assets.

In only a few short weeks the real chances of a “Brexit” are growing by the minute. The vote is June 23, less than 2 weeks away. A summary of the pros and cons from NY Times:

Those who favor leaving argue that the European Union has changed enormously over the last four decades with regard to the size and the reach of its bureaucracy, diminishing British influence and sovereignty.

Those who want to stay say that a medium-size island needs to be part of a larger bloc of like-minded countries to have real influence and security in the world, and that leaving would be economically costly.

Read the full article here at Seeking Alpha

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