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Full Service Financial Firm; Forex Trading (MT4), Commodity Futures Trading, Managed Investment Accounts, Real Estate Investments, and more...

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange services, such as deliverable payments to Pound, Euro, Yen, Australian Dollar, and others.

Forex Strategies

For Qualified Eligible Persons and Eligible Contract Participants, Fortress offers Forex strategies executed on your Forex brokerage account from 3rd parties. Fortress Capital is an Introducing Broker.



Fortress Capital is a full service financial firm, offering products from foreign exchange to lending and investments.

Forex Hedging

Currency Hedging, Currency Payments Services (Deliverables), Portfolio construction, Treasury Management

Forex Trading

Forex Self-Traded Accounts, Forex Signal Systems, and more.







Open a Forex Account

Open a Forex account with a regulated USA broker, and deposit only $1 - get news, analysis and more - only from Fortress Capital.

About Fortress Capital

Fortress Capital is an investment firm which specifically concentrates on alternative investments such as global commodity futures online trading and clearing, wealth management, commercial & business loans and real estate sales & developments. At Fortress there is an understanding that the wide and diverging landscape of alternative investments makes professional experience and excellence extremely valuable. Our team is comprised of licensed financial professionals from a wide diverse background, including Florida, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Africa, and more.

Fortress Capital Team

George Ashkar

George Ashkar


    Fortress Capital (Commodity Futures Independent Introducing Broker, RIA)., President & CCO, Oct 2009 to Present. Responsible for the operation and the management of the firm. Mr. Ashkar became the listed principal of Fortress Capital on March 26, 2010 and an associated person (AP) of Fortress Capital, (NFA ID # 0416646) on June 02, 2010.

    Mr. Ashkar is a Registered Investment Advisor for Fortress Capital (RIA) in the State of Florida. Fortress Capital (RIA, firm) and Mr. Ashkar (Financial Advisor, Agent) registration was accepted and authorized by the Florida Office of Financial Regulation to conduct business in the State of Florida on April 15, 2010.

    Qualifications: All current financial industry, principal/supervisory, general product/industry, and/or state securities law exams that Mr. Ashkar has passed:

    FINRA and NFA registrations include:
    1. General Securities Principal Series 24 May 25, 2005. 2. National Commodity Branch Office Manager Series 30 May 18, 2010

    General Industry/Product:
    1. National Commodity Representative Series 3 April 01, 2010.
    2. Retail Off-Exchange Forex Broker Series 34 Dec 14, 2011. 3. General Securities Representative Series 7 June 19, 1999. 4. Limited Representative Equity Trader Series 55 May 19, 2001.
    5. Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) License # LO36701 NMLS # 1476012

    State Securities Law:
    1. Uniform Securities Agent State Law Series 63 March 08, 2005.
    2. Uniform Investment Advisor Law Series 65 July 19, 1999. 3. Uniform Combined State Law Series 66 August 30, 2008

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